Thursday, 10 February 2011

hang me up to dry

first things first, my animation. i've taken a break from the burger place until i decide what else i need to make and i have now started to make a bar/pub set and a park set. so far in the bar/pub i have made some laminate flooring out of lolly sticks and in the park i have made a tree in one corner and i'm starting to make grass. i came back home the other day and i've spent the time writing the storyline. so far i just have the basic plot outline, i now need to pad it out a bit and get details down so i know exactly what to do when im filming.

recently someone from my class has been organising an exhibtion at the art corner in fallowfield for late april. after much deliberation about whether to have a theme or not all of us who are involved decided on the colour 'red' as our theme. this means all our work can be tied together but still have chance to be diverse. we had to write a proposal to be part of this. i have decided to use the skills i learnt in bookbinding to make books looking at the colour red. i have been looking at collecting red objects and also looking at anger. however, this is still early days and there wil be more to this in my final pieces.

last night i started to experiment with book making and have a go at making hard back covers. i just made a simple brown paper bound hardback notebook and also a book made of plastic pockets. i thought having a book made of pockets would be another way of displaying found objects. this was harder to make then i first though because the pockets are made of shiny plastic so it was hard to keep them in line whilst trying to sew them.

at uni there are films shown every monday evening and i went to see la jettee by chris marker. it is made up almost entirely of still images telling the story of a man who is sent into the past and the future to try and save his own time after world war 3. i found the film captivating and it draws you in to the storyline. because you are not seeing everything or hearing any dialogue apart from a few mutterings you make uo your own parts to the story.

last tuesday i went to the whitworth gallery to listen to their tuesday talk. it was by a curator called gabriel coxhead. parts of his talk were interesting but mostly it was fairly dull and him pausing to try and think of longer words to say to sound clever.

on a better note as a class we went to liverpool on thursday. we went to see the nam june paik exhibtions at fact and tate liverpool but we also went to see the underwater exhibtion at bluecoats. we started off at the fact museum. i was very impressed with the laser cone in the first room and enjoyed sitting under that and looking at the shapes created on the fabric. the rest of the works were video art which i can appreciate but are not really my thing. we then went to the underwater exhibtion (which ironically had video art which i liked!) the videos i liked were jellyfish lake by dorothy cross, becoming light by bill viola and he drowned in her eyes and she called him to follow by janaina tschape. my favourite of these is jellyfish lake. this is because it looks so serene and beautiful, this is due to the images but also because there is no sound in this piece. i think sound sound have shattered the calm feeling of the piece. finally, we went to the tate liverpool. after seeing the video art by nam june paik at fact we didnt really want to see any more or pay the entrance fee so we just looked round the permanent exhibtion there. my favourite piece there was axehead by tony cragg. i liked this because he's collected all of the objects and the differences between them but that they are bought together in this one piece.

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