Monday, 16 May 2011

helplessness blues

i've decided to setup a tumblr account for the start of my second year.
the address is:
so long, farewell blogspot

Saturday, 7 May 2011

because i'm soaking look at me

the end is nigh. my final exhibtion is nearly finished, assesssment is next week.

over the easter holidays i had a small panic about what to show at the final exhibition and i decided to focus on my shorthand project. i began to see shorthand as another language that cannot be understood. from this i thought about writing letters to people in shhorthand but they cannot understand them and this moved onto shorthand being a written version of someone's inner monologue.
i then created a character called george booth who is just an average guy, works in an office, married (although not happily) with two children. i started off having the character being happy but it turned into him slowly being driven mad by how mundane his life is and the fact that he thinks his wife his having an affair.
to show this story i decided to make an office in my space for the exhibition and have in notebooks and in the filing cabinet his inner monolgue talking to him in shorthand. people can look in the notebooks and see this squiggles and swirls but not know what it means, showing how no one quite understands what is going on with my character and no one knows he is slowly being driven mad.
i need to do a bit more work on the look of my office space and the writing up of the inner monologue but so far i am very happy with how my space looks.