Friday, 21 January 2011


so a slight correction needed from my last blog about the whitworth. it was not alec finlay giving the talk it was tim machin. i arrived late to the talk so i didn't realise they had changed the speaker.

now update on the animation...
i have started making one of the sets to my piece and it's taking slightly longer than i first thought!
i've started making the burger place where the spoon will work... here's my progress so far:

so yeah this has taken me 2 days to do!
saying that it has been quite fun and i'd prefer to spend longer on it and it look good on the camera than really bad!
(i also like how in this photo you can see the evil clown (arch-enemy to spoon) just poking out from the side)
ill post more photos when ive completed this set and when ive made more sets, props etc

now... on wednesday i eventually had a book-binding induction. we got taught how to make some books just from a single sheet of paper, how to stitch books and then we made concertina books with hardback covers.
i really enjoyed it, especially seeing some examples of different types of books we were learning how to make. inspiration for the scope of things i can with a simple design.
i got a couple of books about book making from the library so i'm going to give those designs a go and see what happens. watch this space...

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  1. I like this set...nice and bold.
    I am watching this you instructed.