Monday, 28 March 2011

children of the revolution

been doing a few little pieces to keep me sane whilst i plod through this essay.

i've enjoyed just doing these simple pieces of art and getting back to the basics of my practice.

a few days ago darren, ryan and myself went to see the space in salford shopping centre. it's quite a nice space (apart from bring painted cream!) and is right in the middle of the shopping centre. a good space for a first exhibition i think.

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

how come you dance so good?

today i had a little mosey around the cube gallery. upstairs there is an exhibition by OSA looking at rearranging objects from around manchester based on works by kurt schwitters. i liked the way that the pieces blended into the existing space in gallery and really took over the place.
downstairs there is an ongoing piece of work by jason minsky and william titley. they are looking into the development and growth of manchester especially one particular event where a village was destroyed to make way for the growth of a lake in the lake district so manchester could have enough water. they have been researching the lost village or mardale green and have made a model village out of kendal mint cake which they plan to flood with water from the lake.

in other news i have bought a plant in a can. it looks like an odd shaped coke can and you peel  off the top, add water everydy and ta-da a plant in a can. ive bought lavender and pansies. i thought it would be nice to make my room a bit more summery. on a side note from this i love it when it starts to get sunny in england. none of us know how long the sun will last so we make the most of it today. i went out to the park at lunch and it was full of people all sunbathing in shorts and skirts and even some with flip-flops. one day of sun and we go crazy. no wonder the rest of the world think we're weird!

Monday, 21 March 2011

war, children, it's just a shot away. it's just a shot away.

so, i'm currently working mostly on my essay.  i have been working on other practical work but i know if i start anything concrete now then i won't do my essasy!
however, i have been doing a few little doodles and experiments in the studio just to see what happens. working with no idea in my mind just doing whatever pops up in there. i also have an interview this week to work for a new manchester arts and music magazine that is starting up so i've been doing a few illustration-y pieces for this to show the editor. they seem to be going ok but i haven't worked in this style for a while so it's hard to get back into it.

the 'working title' that i'm in with a few other people from my class now has the official title of MISC. we have a gallery in salford that is interested in showing our work so after my essay i'm going to get cracking on doing a piece for that. i want to work on the people in the background in photos. doing like a 'wanted poster' type thing and searching for these people that happen to be in my photos. i have looked up the legality of this and it is fine. the only concrete rules are about getting up in someones face when taking photos or documenting someones every move (aka stalking) but hey the paparazzi do that so yeah these laws do get broken regulary! i haven't decided whether to use existing photos i have or go about manchester taking photos.

i've also been to see the anish kapoor exhibition at the manchester art gallery. i did like the powdered colour and wax pieces but i particualry like his pieces using plain really dark colours. this work is all about the experience of it and in the informational video that is in the exhibition it says that kapoor creates 4-d work he uses time as well as the 3 dimensions. i like the pieces because they have a 'deepness' to them and you feel you can got lost in them.

Monday, 14 March 2011

sun in the sky you know how i feel

progress is slow. basically. continuing to make the bar scene, now made the actual bar and the shelves at the back of the bar.
a few of us in my class are getting together so we can do exhibitions together...kind of a collective but there is no links between our work and practice. i think i'm going to start a project for this to get some kind of idea of what i want to do for our first exhbition. this has come at a good time, i'm starting to lost steam with my animation project and it'll give me a chance to step back from my animation and come back at it soon with more enthusiasm! haven't quite decided what i want to do for this project but i have a few ideas circling around my head that i would like to exapand on.

i've recently found an artist called mariel clayton who has been making scenes of killer barbies. i like the pieces becuase although they are funny whilst being slightly disgusting! the sets have also been really well made. i've found i've enjoyed making the sets for my project a lot (i thibk more thatn i'll enjoy animating) . I would like to try this idea of making a set and photographing it. making a set scene.

i also like the work of designer Rita Botelho. i particularly like the simplicity in the designs. for example the 'ring for another' glass design. this is a cocktail glass design with a bell in the bottom, looking at how wealthy people could just ring for their servants to get them another drink.
i also really like the 'hanging' earring series. this is a series of silver wire earrings with small figures of people on them who like they are climbing of leaning against the wire. again i love the simplicity of this and also the turning of something everyday like an eariing into a work of art.

right that'll do for now