Monday, 21 March 2011

war, children, it's just a shot away. it's just a shot away.

so, i'm currently working mostly on my essay.  i have been working on other practical work but i know if i start anything concrete now then i won't do my essasy!
however, i have been doing a few little doodles and experiments in the studio just to see what happens. working with no idea in my mind just doing whatever pops up in there. i also have an interview this week to work for a new manchester arts and music magazine that is starting up so i've been doing a few illustration-y pieces for this to show the editor. they seem to be going ok but i haven't worked in this style for a while so it's hard to get back into it.

the 'working title' that i'm in with a few other people from my class now has the official title of MISC. we have a gallery in salford that is interested in showing our work so after my essay i'm going to get cracking on doing a piece for that. i want to work on the people in the background in photos. doing like a 'wanted poster' type thing and searching for these people that happen to be in my photos. i have looked up the legality of this and it is fine. the only concrete rules are about getting up in someones face when taking photos or documenting someones every move (aka stalking) but hey the paparazzi do that so yeah these laws do get broken regulary! i haven't decided whether to use existing photos i have or go about manchester taking photos.

i've also been to see the anish kapoor exhibition at the manchester art gallery. i did like the powdered colour and wax pieces but i particualry like his pieces using plain really dark colours. this work is all about the experience of it and in the informational video that is in the exhibition it says that kapoor creates 4-d work he uses time as well as the 3 dimensions. i like the pieces because they have a 'deepness' to them and you feel you can got lost in them.

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