Wednesday, 23 February 2011

de do do do, de da da da

so latest pictures from my set design. i feel ready now to start test filming some things with the park scene just to see what i can do and how my animating looks, things i need to work on on the set and in my technique animating etc. i have already seen just from taking these photos that the park scene would look betterwith more leaves on the tree. looking at it face-to-face you cannot notice this butonly from a photo can you see.
in the pub/bar scene i have made the stained glass windows for the doors. like with the leaves on the tree this does not look as good on a photo. i think i shall have to have some back lighting for animation to make this secction stand out more.
today i  went to see the exhibtion 'the people you're not' at the cornerhouse in manchester ( part of this exhibtion was an idea by harry hill which involved set designs. what i likes about these designs were the different levels within them, like old puppet theatres with areas going into the background of the scene. i want to bring these different levels into at least more of my sets although how is another question!

i have recently read quirkology by richard wiseman. ( wiseman is a psychologist who looks into the weird in everyday life. some of his studies have included whether star signs/ date of birth actually have any effect on your personality, which city has the fastest pace of life and the power of suggestion. the experiments into the power of suggestion caught my attention. one particular group of experiments involved making participants believe there were spirits in the room just from suggestion, this was done by simple trickery wih objects on a table then making participants believe and actually see the whole table move just be saying it was. another section that interested me was research as to why some people claim to see ghosts and feel 'something' in the room. this was found to be a particular very low sound wave that although we cannot hear it our bodies can feel it. it is sometimes refered to as the brown note because of the effects it can have on people's bowels when listened to in large doses! people were found to feel more moved by a piece of music when this note was played and it has also been found that you can hallucinate and see ghostly mirages when hearing this note. my research into this field continues...

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  1. THere was an artist on Radio 4 yesterday 24th Feb who has a set of fog horns and he sounds them in public places..the sound reverberates the whole place and he his banned from doing it now.
    Go to Radio four listen again.."the foghorn:A celebration".