Wednesday, 24 November 2010

before i sleep...

i thought i'd give a quick update on what i'm doing now with my project.

i've now been combining the mary greg project and my shorthand project, writing out quotations from the mary greg letters in shorthand using different medium. at the moment i'm really enjoying sewing the quotations but i'm finding it quite hard to be accurate with it. (in greg shorthand different lengths of line are different sounds eg a short horizontal line is 'n', a medium line is 'm' and a long line is m-n or m-m sound) i think i will have to make some kind of stencil to make my work look a bit neater and more uniform so therefore easier to read.

i found in my room a letter i bought up from home with me which my great-grandma wrote to my grandparents in 1976. my grandma gave it to me a few years ago to keep and as she said 'to remember my great-grandma's writing'. although the letter is nothing special, it mostly talks about how busy my great-grandparents are with different functions and painting the kitchen, it's still special to me and i remember my great-grandma through it, the way she spoke, her mannerisms etc. i've written up this letter in shorthand over 2 canvases and will paint it in tomorrow. not sure what to do with it after that but i'll cross that bridge when i come to it!

i've also been working on my contextual essay. i have to pick 1 main image and 7 linked images to write about. my main image is automat by edward hopper and i'm going to focus on loneliness and solitude for my essay. i picked this image because in lots of hopper's work there is that element of sadness ans being alone. even in his paintings of couples there is still that feeling of being alone. automat is one of the pictures on my wall and i was looking at it and thinking that other artists such as manet and degas also painted pictures of solitary people usually in cafes or bars. after researching more i've added a toulouse-lautrec to my 7 extra images. more on this as i go deeper into it.

right time for bed but with my flatmates having a very early christmas sing-a-long in the kitchen i'm not sure if this will be possible!

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