Monday, 22 November 2010

i need a change...

ive decided i need a break from mary greg for a few days, i want to have a bit of time doing something else and then go back to it with a fresh mind.
a few weeks before coming to manchester i started to teach myself greg shorthand. i love the way words look like patterns and pictures when written out in shorthand. i started off writing phrases and words onto paper to see what it looked like but after a while i decided to have a go using wire. this gives the words a new dimension seeing them in this way and i could see myself making something more 3d not the usual writing on paper which shorthand is usually used for.
i've also been thinking about how i could link this project in with the mary greg project, making the letters she wrote into a piecce of art, showing the mystery around some of her objects and references in her letters.

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