Friday, 10 December 2010

afternoon at the whitworth

after the excitement of finally handing in my essay and getting that done and dusted i decided to head down to whitworth art gallery. despite being here for 3 months i have never quite made it there, with one thing or another happening.

i have always been interested in working with fabrics and embroidery. the textile gallery really impressed me, especially the embroidered works they had on display. I particulary liked a pair or embroidered gloves, they had stitching all around the cuffs and up the thumb. They lookd like something mary greg would have snapped up if she had the chance! there was also a case of quilting including a piece by jennifer vickers entitled 'yesterday's news', a quilt made out of newspaper. i liked this especially becuae of the pattern made in the newspaper and the care gone into matching fonts into a pattern.

a temporary exhibtion on at the momentis the wallpaper exhibtion. although some of the pieces on display were good i felt more could have been made of this, it would have been nice to see a bigger display with more samples of what people actually had on their walls in the past, looking at the changes in fashion.

finally i want to talk about olfar eliasson's work 'the forked forest path'. you get to the fork in the path and in the darkness you have to chose which way to turn, not knowing which path leads where. it reminds me of caspar david friedrich's work 'wanderer above the mists' (this was one of the works i looked at in my essay hence why it is in my mind!). it reminds me of this because of the themes of stepping out into the unknown and not being sure what is going to happen next.

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