Saturday, 9 October 2010

summer project and party project

for my summer project i had to create a board game for 6 people based on my interests. honestly, not too happy when i got this brief! but after mind-mapping etc i decided to create a game based on ethical living.
i created a spiral board with question marks every few squares. if you landed on a square you had to pick up a chance card and move forward of backward depending on the card eg you take a shower and not a bath to save water move forward roll of die
when playing the game although it went well it went on for longer that i thought it would. to make this better i'd just have to create a smaller board or use 2 dice instead of one for the game.

in my first week i was teamed with 1st and 2nd years to make a party. the theme we got given was 'a party with no guests' in our group we toyed with the idea of having a non-party eg people playing music and drinking on buses... although not a party with official guests it has all the elements of a party (drink, music, chatting) but in the end we decided on having a party that noone could go to. we put a guest list and a dress code on a sign outside the party. the invitations for the people on the guest list were inside the party, unsent, and the dress list was for things that nobody could do. we finally covered the door in cling flim to stop anyone even getting inthe door.

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