Thursday, 14 October 2010

start of mary greg project

after starting a new project on mary greg's collection earlier this week i decided to have a look in manchester art gallery at the parts of the collection they have on display. i loved the diversity in her collection and you can see how she was interested in pretty much anything.
i'll be visiting again soon but here are some parts that stood out for me:
a doll's house with stuffed frog 'people' playing billiards and sitting down to dinner - liked the comical side to this
tabacco tampers - making something functional beautiful. especially loved the leg shaped one.
miniature circus theatre - shows her love for childrens objects and again the fun in her collection
glass birds - especially the spun glass tails
chatelaine - again something very functional but in my eyes beautiful, it seems women always have needed to carry essentials around with them whether on a chatelaine or a handbag!

after doing some research on the project website i liked a quotation from one of her letters to mr batho
'if a number of any set of things are put together they at once become more interesting'
i like the idea that you could put a few objects from her collection together and they at once show a part of her life and her interests and so become more interesting.

the rest of this week i'll be doing more research into the life and collection of mary greg including her letters to mr batho

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