Wednesday, 20 October 2010

start of a new week...

so here i am at the start of another week, been living in manchester for over a month now... crazy!
still working on the mary greg project, continuing to sketch some of the objects that are on the website. i have also revisited manchester art gallery to do some drawings of the objects i like there. this time going with a friend so i didn't feel as stupid drawing in the gallery (yes i'm an art student but i still feel stupid drawing in a gallery... slightly too look at me for my liking!) the drawings turned out better than i thought they would, loving getting back into drawing properly again after having a year off from the usual 'school/uni' side of art.

yesterday i started to read the letters from and to mary greg and other people around her in terms of her collection. ive now nearly finished reading from the year 1922. i can now really see how much mary greg loved what she was doing, she wasn't just donating objects to the museum then leaving them she was very interested in helping to set up the exhibition and in the details (yesterday reading a series of letters about changes made to the catalogue for her exhibtion). she was keen for children to like her exhibitions and even asked mr batho if a he could find some footstools so smaller children could see into the cases properly.

my book with notes about the letters is mia at the moment but ill comment more on the letters soon...

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