Tuesday, 19 April 2011

has been replaced with mountains of gold

slight delay in me talking about the little trip to glossop but ever mind here i am.
we arrived and ate egg (or bacon) rolls to build up energy for the imminent kite flying. after a short walk up the hill it was time to fly our kites! my very small kite did fly but it wasn't exactly how i wanted it to look. i was hoping to string up loads of little bags with wire in the top to look like a school of fish. however,  i had this particular idea at about 12 the night before after i'd pretty much finished another kite. oh dear! however, my very small school of fish semed to work well enough.
when we came off the hill we went into glossop to a local pub to watch some perfromances. after a few technological difficulties we were off. there was a few videos pieces and then a fine art student (i think she was) sang a million songs. when she stopped playing we all trundled off home. the end.
it was a fun day, nice to have a day away from the studio doing something a bit different.

i'm now home. trying to get some work done ready for this presentation/exhibition when i start back at uni. not entirely sure what to exhibit yet but i'm sure i'll think of something!

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