Monday, 4 April 2011

and the spies hide out in every corner

so, i've been umming and ahhing recently about whether to go home during the easter holidays and for how long. last night i was, again, pondering on the subject and i've decided to go home for longer than i first thought. this then led in my train of thought onto what i could do and i figured it would be nice to do a bit of walking in london, see places i never usually see. i thought it would be a nice idea to walk along tube lines especially the northern line seeing as i live at the end of it and near the station. after a little google i stumbled across this

this person has walked every single tube line in london. now i'm not that ambitious for an easter project but it is very helpful because there are maps and average distance times for walking which is good for me =)
tonight i'm also going to look at other walks that i could do around the city, maybe taking in specific tourist sights. it'll also give me chance to take some photos for my 'background people' project (designing wanted posters to find the people in the background of photos). my main inspiration for  my walking project is richard long who took walks and made a note of certain things he saw or heard during the walk. i'm going to decide on different themes, maybe per walk or one for the whole time. i haven't decided whether just to focus on the visual and have colour or object themes or branch out and make a note of sounds i hear as well through my journeys.

last week an ex-interactive arts student came in who now works as an animator and one of the things he's started in keeping a sketch book and recording randon moments he's sees. i used to do this when i was at college and it's inspired me to start it again.

today i had my group tutorial. generally positive feedback but a few things i need to work on are the development and research in my projects. i have lots of ideas i just need to record and develop them sufficiently not just go with my first idea.

that seems to be all for the day, now my kite needs making =)

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